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About Us

The DocBike charity combines a highly qualified (consultant level) doctor or critical care paramedic with two wheels to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads due to motorcycle collisions. Wherever possible, this doctor or paramedic also works on the local air ambulance. It is part of their every-day job, to treat and save the most severely injured and sick patients and help them to reach hospital alive. 

When motorcyclists are involved in a collision at speed, often the injuries are catastrophic, and no amount of medical care can save a person’s life. This is why a lot of the DocBike charity’s time is invested in preventing motorcyclist from being in a collision in the first place. Our What We Do section explains more. 

Working together with emergency services all across the UK, it is our aim to have a DocBike associated with every air ambulance charity  around the country. We are a new charity, but the enthusiasm of local bikers, colleagues in the Emergency Services and other agencies throughout the UK means that we are expanding rapidly.

Our Meet the Teams section will tell you more about your local group. If a DocBike doesn’t currently exist in your area, you can find out more information on how to Get a DocBike in your Area 

Serious injuries

Whilst bikers account for just 1% of road users, they account for 25% of serious injuries.

25x more likely

Motorcycle riders are 25 times more likely to be seriously hurt on the roads than car drivers.

Golden hour

The first 60 minutes after a severe motorcycle related trauma is known as the ‘golden hour’.

Structure, Governance and Management

The DocBike charity is controlled by a very senior Board of Trustees embracing a balanced spectrum of skills and experience including all three emergency services and legal backgrounds. All are either keen motorcyclists themselves or passionate about keeping motorcyclists from coming to harm. 

Trustees are appointed in accordance with the DocBike constitution and meet regularly to promote, enhance and sustain the work of the charity. As a result of our National Partnerships, many of the Trustees are engaged in shaping the way the UK helps to protect motorcyclists from coming to harm. Our Research forms a key part of this work. 

Regional Groups also have a local governance board who oversee the activities of the charity in that area, coordinate events, fundraising and integration with local emergency services.  

Governance of medical care provided by the DocBike is controlled through arrangement with the ambulance/air ambulance service in that area. 

Code of Conduct

DocBike is registered with the UK Charities Commission and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of fundraising behaviour.