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Reducing collisions and rider injuries

The DocBike is based on a former Police BMW R1200RTP motorcycle. The bike is owned, managed and maintained by Dorset Police under their BikeSafe scheme and sits with the force BikeSafe Coordinator – PC Chris Smith. A key aim is to reduce biking collisions and rider injuries through partnership working, focusing on high risk groups and routes.

Better engagement with local bikers

When reaching replacement age the bike was moved from the operational Police fleet and transferred to BikeSafe. While retaining the emergency lights and equipment, the Police markings have been replaced with the official Doctor badges. It was re-badged as DocBike to bring better engagement with local bikers and events. It can be seen at Poole Quay Bike Night most weeks and other events across Dorset.

Maintained to the highest level

The bike is fitted with a radio to allow Dr Ian to communicate with Police and the other emergency services. It is maintained to the highest level to ensure rider safety and the bike has retained its luggage system to allow Dr Ian to carry the kit he needs to save lives.