Emergency response

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The DocBike project is mainly about using our award-winning research to engage with ‘at-risk’ motorcyclists to prevent bikers from killed or being seriously injured.

Lifesaving on many occasions

Whilst engaging with fellow bikers, the DocBike radio is always on. Should anyone (not just motorcyclists!) need life-saving medical intervention, the combination of the a critical care doctor being deployed rapidly through the traffic on the DocBike has proved lifesaving on many occasions. The main fund raising aspect of the project, is to equip the bike for this purpose with the kit needed to save lives at the roadside, prior to being transferred to hospital. This kit is expensive but allows Ian to use his skills in pre-hospital care to achieve some degree of patient stability before ambulance transfer

Fully equipped for emergency response

The kit used has been specially designed for the confined space on the bike, delivering maximum patient care and outcomes. We are hugely grateful to RDT for the donation of a Tempus Pro monitor, without which the bike would not be able to operate. The DocBike is fully equipped for emergency response with protective Hi-Viz markings, blue lights, radio and siren. Dr Mew has being trained to the same level as a Police Motorcyclist so that he can respond quickly, yet safely to incidents.

Working collaboratively with all emergency services

Whilst the DocBike does respond to motorcycle accidents, in practice it attends serious car accidents and medical emergencies, working collaboratively with all emergency services to ensure patients get the care that they need.