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BikerDown is a FREE course, taught only by emergency service professionals, on how to keep an injured motorcyclist alive until the ambulance arrives. It was created by Jim Sanderson from Kent Fire and Rescue Service and is taught all over the UK by emergency service personnel who are dedicated to saving the lives of others and helping the public to know what to do, should they arrive at the scene of a motorcycle collision. 

The Biker Down course covers the following modules and content: 

Module 1 – Managing the scene of the incident 

  • How to keep yourself and the injured person safe 
  • Protecting the scene from other traffic 
  • Calling for help 

These are all elements of the first module and when delivered by the fire service team serve to give people the confidence of getting involved when they first come across a collision, whilst reducing the risk of further injury to those at the scene. 

Module 2 – How to keep someone alive until the ambulance arrives 

  • Snatch rescue’ 
  • Catastrophic Haemorrhage Control 
  • Airway Maintenance 
  • Helmet removal (when and how) 
  • CPR 

These are elements of the second module. We look for the rider of the DocBike to teach this module locally where possible. Having an air ambulance doctor or CCP who manages injured motorcyclists as a daily duty gives the course credibility and acts as a big draw for bikers to sign up. 

Module 3 – How to avoid being knocked of your bike in the future 

  • Visibility – making yourself seen 
  • Invisibility – how to protect yourself from others who don’t see you 
  • Protective riding strategies
  • Finding out about the things you didn’t know – why bikers get knocked off their bikes and how to prevent against it. 

Biker Down is Free!

BikerDown is FREE. Not only that, thanks to our friends at Bournemouth Bikes, you go home with a FREE first aid kit, small enough to fit on your bike, but capable enough to help save a life.

Keep an eye on our website for more dates coming soon!

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