DocBike partners Trauma Audit & Research Network

The Trauma Audit & Research Network are the number one authority in the world when it comes to collecting information on major traumatic injuries.

Evidence is the backbone of everything we do, so we were over the moon this week when we heard that TARN have agreed to help us research motorcycle crashes as we look to push the DocBike project out nationally.

Specifically we want to look at:

  • Which areas of the UK have the highest prevalence of motorcycle related ISS>15 injuries or deaths
  • Whether the work that the DocBike project is doing is making a difference
  • Whether PPE worn by motorcyclists (inflatable vests etc) makes a difference in reducing the severity of the injuries sustained when a motorcyclist is involved in a crash

We would like really like to thank the Trauma Audit Research Network for their enthusiasm and willingness to use their information to help prevent motorcyclists from coming to harm. This form of corporate sponsorship is to be championed and with any luck, we’ll be able to produce some more award winning research!

The Trauma Audit & Research Network