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Skills to save lives at the roadside

Never move the patient! Never take off their helmet! Just a few of the myths about dealing with a motorbike accident. Let us tell you the truth! You ride the routes most commonly ridden by other motorcyclists. You may ride in groups. We give you the skills to manage a seriously injured motorcyclist until the ambulance arrives.

This is a no-nonsense course that usually runs between 7pm – 10pm. Course content covers: (1) How to manage the scene of the accident, (2) What you can realistically do to keep someone alive until the ambulance arrives and, (3) How you can make yourself more visible and less likely to be in an accident.

Qualified to teach keeping people alive

Dr Ian Mew is an Intensive Care consultant who also works on the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. There are few more qualified to teach keeping people alive! PC Chris Smith QPM is a police traffic officer and advanced police motorcycle instructor with over 20 years experience. His knowledge on scene management and the causes of motorcycle accidents is vast and you get to benefit from it all.

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BikerDown is free

BikerDown is FREE. Not only that, thanks to our friends at Bournemouth Bikes, you go home with a FREE first aid kit, small enough to fit on your bike, but capable enough to help save a life.