How You Can Help / Get A DocBike In Your Area

Get a DocBike in your Area

It’s our aim to put a DocBike in every county across the UK, preferably associated with your local Air Ambulance. There’s lots that you can do to help us achieve this goal.

Talk to your local air ambulance service

We’d love to hear from doctors and paramedics who are equally keen to keep bikers on two wheels through injury prevention and roadside critical care. Ask them to email us at [email protected] and we’ll help to get the ball rolling.  

Help us to raise money 

Putting a bike out on the road with specialist medical equipment costs approximately £41,000 but there are lots of ways that you can help us. Have a look at our fundraising page to find out more, including how to start a fundraising campaign in your area. 

Spread the word! 

Although we’re a relatively new charity, we are always keen to tell people about the work that we’re doing, engage riders in our research projects and help people set up a DocBike branch in their area. You can help spread the work by becoming a volunteer, or simply by following us on social media and sharing the work that we’re doing.

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