What We Do / Innovation through Industry

Innovation through Industry 

DocBike as a charity recognises the limitations of engaging with ‘at-risk’ riders, helping them to become more aware of what might kill them and giving them tips and skills on how to avoid being in a collision in the future. We recognise the limitations of all human interactions when riding and driving; which is why as a charity, DocBike is keen to ‘design out’ motorcycle collisions through innovation 

A lot of work has already been done around re-designing street signs to make them less lethal when a rider is in collision with them, but there’s more work that can be done, particularly with improvements in car design and mobile phone app technology. 

Although we are a relatively new charity, DocBike has big plans. We are already starting our strategic engagement with car and motorcycle manufacturers to design life-saving innovation into new vehicles. 

Keep watching this space to hear more as we start our journey.