Dr Ian Mew

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Passionate about pre-hospital care

Dr Ian Mew works as an Intensive Care Consultant at Dorset County Hospital as well as flying on-board the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. He has worked as the Director of Trauma Care at the hospital and is currently the Medical Adviser to Dorset Police, through which he and Chris met. Ian is passionate about pre-hospital care and is a keen biker himself. It was natural that he combined both passions and bring his skills to the project, including the delivery of emergency first aid Biker Down sessions during local BikeSafe courses. Wanting to do more, Ian has given up his spare time to bring his skills out on the road.

Encouraging post-test training

Patrolling with PC Chris Smith on the county roads, he continues to engage with local bikers to educate and encourage them into post-test training. Now fully trained to ride on ‘blues & twos’, Ian is able to deploy to incidents independently from his central Dorset location, ensuring the very best care is available directly where needed.

Highest levels of trauma care

Ian works at the highest level of trauma care and so his bike needs to reflect that, by carrying the best kit we can source. Life-saving equipment is expensive, so this project was started to help bring those skills and equipment to the roadside, delivering emergency medical care as soon as possible to anybody who needs it.

Heavily involved in motorcycle injury prevention

Being called to so many fatal motorcycle incidents has driven Ian to become heavily involved in motorcycle injury prevention and it is through the DocBike strategy that we hope to be able to help eradicate all motorcycle deaths from the roadside across the UK.

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