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Luke Van De SandeThe Staffordshire arm of the DocBike charity is a true example of a community pulling together to help protect motorcyclists and their families from future tragedies. Dedicated to Luke Van de Sande, this is his story:

Life is perfect! Dream job, beautiful wife, family you love and adore, and them you.

You’ve arranged to meet your mates for a ride out on your motorbikes. You check your bike, put all your protective clothing and your helmet on and off you ride. The lads are waiting; you have your intercoms on to warn each other of road conditions and dangers.

You are a competent, experienced rider having ridden all types, styles and sizes of bike. You take part in track days and are trained to a blue light standard. All of you stick to the road speed limit, then speed up when you reach a national speed limit sign; over the brow of the hill you go, shouting ‘wahoo!!’ THE END.

Luke had misjudged the bend and crashed through a fence, hitting a tree and died instantly. The pain and devastation felt by Luke’s family, friends and colleagues is unimaginable. To try and prevent others experiencing this pain, the family rallied with the local community to raise money to put a DocBike in Staffordshire in his name. On 21st March 2020, this became a reality.

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DocBike Staffordshire is currently looking for a pre-hospital doctor or advanced paramedic to ride the bike, engage with other motorcyclists to promote BikerDown and BikeSafe courses, being a better rider as well as providing roadside critical care as required. Most other areas use an air ambulance doctor or critical care paramedic for this role.

If you are a doctor or advanced paramedic and would like to volunteer, giving your time to help keep riders on two wheels in the Staffordshire area, please take a look at our volunteer page to see what the role entails and contact us for further information by emailing: [email protected] 



Volunteers DocBike Staffordshire is led by Luke’s mum Carol. The enthusiasm and backing of family, friends, colleagues and the local motorcycle community makes this region a real success. They are presently leading the way with their fundraising and community engagement. 
There is a huge amount of professional knowledge within their volunteer sector i.e. how and why bike crashes happen in Staffordshire, how to avoid being knocked off your bike and how to become a more skilful rider. 

If you would like to help us by becoming a volunteer, take a look at the different roles on our Volunteer Page.

Rider Training

Rider Training Riding standards have to be beyond reproach on any emergency response motorcycle. That’s why it is the responsibility of Staffordshire Police to train the riders of the DocBike in Staffordshire.

All riders have to undergo advanced and response training, ride to a police code of conduct and undergo regular revalidation assessments.

Our thanks go to Staffordshire Police for supporting the charity and helping Luke’s name to live on by donating the motorcycle and supporting the charity in this way.

For more information about DocBike in the Staffordshire area and how you can get involved, email: [email protected]


How Can You Help?

Everyone involved with the charity is a volunteer. We do not employ a single person, yet despite this, we have achieved so much but there’s still so much more we need to do. 

With your commitment, enthusiasm, and support, we can help to save more lives. 

If you would like to donate or fundraise in aid of Luke’s Legacy, please use the buttons below. 

Every penny you donate will make a huge difference, thank you!

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Our Supporters

A huge thank you to the following groups who are supporting DocBike in the Staffordshire region.