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Fortunate to have an ever expanding group of fellow bikers

As the project expands, so Chris & Ian recognise that they can’t do this alone. We’re very fortunate to have an ever expanding group of fellow bikers who help us run the Biker Down courses and help engage with riders at big motorcycle events such as Dream Machines at Poole Bike Night each week.¬†Simon had been on a Biker Down course and was chatting to Ian as he got a call to a very serious motorcycle accident. The next thing Simon knew, he was running the stand and had been adopted into the team! We’re also grateful to Matt, our PR guy and Colin, both of whom are regulars at Biker Down.

Volunteers with a passion for motorcycle safety

DocBike is always interested to hear from new volunteers. If you have a passion for two-wheels, along with a passion for rider safety…and would like to volunteer a little time to furthering these things – then we would love to hear from you. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch.