Who We Are / Meet the Trustees

Meet the Trustees

Simply put, our trustees enable the charity to exist. Running a charity is no small feat. We have a very senior board of trustees who oversee DocBike activity on a national scale, whilst helping to ensure the governance, enhancement and sustainability of everything that we doWith senior backgrounds in the Emergency Services, experts in advanced motorcycle training and law and experience in running other life-saving charities, they are able to help us form partnerships with national organisations, allowing the DocBike charity to help shape motorcycle injury prevention across the UK. 

Adrian Whiting QPM (Chair of the Board and Trustee) 

Adrian is a retired Assistant Chief Constable with Dorset Police. A passionate motorcyclist himself, he brings  a wealth of experience which has been essential when engaging with organisations at high level in other areas around the UK and with the National Police Chief’s Council.  

Adrian has a gift for sifting the wheat from the chaff and ensures that the DocBike as a charity remains focused and able to deliver meaningful change to the United Kingdom with regards the prevention of future motorcycle deaths and injury. 

An ex-police traffic motorcyclist himself, he is more than aware of the causes and consequences of a motorcycle crash and is determined to ensure the charity leaves its mark in reducing deaths in the future. 

Tim Blackwell (Trustee)  

Tim is a solicitor helping and supporting victims of motorcycle crashes who have suffered  catastrophic injuries or death and he understands the devastating effect that motorcycle collisions have on the victims and their families.   

Tim says:

“Over the years I have seen so much suffering and misery because of preventable motorcycle crashes and I want to do all that I can to reduce the number of collisions on our roads involving motorcycles.  Being a trustee of the DocBike Charity allows me to make a difference and to see the positive results of the education, training and critical care that we provide.”   

His ambition is to eradicate preventable deaths and life changing injuries of motorcyclists.

Roger Morgan (Trustee)

Roger is a director of a firm of medical accountants and is responsible for the oversight of the DocBike charity finances. His previous role as Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance means that his experience in financing and operating large charitable organisations puts the DocBike charity in a very strong and sustainable position.  

Roger has been key in building a solid relationship between the DocBike and the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, which not only ensured the success of the project during the early stages of the charity, but is now used as a model across the UK. 

This work is due to be featured by the Association of Air Ambulances in 2020, raising awareness and encouraging other air ambulance charities to associate with a DocBike in their area. 

Chris Smith QPM (Trustee)  

Chris founded the DocBike project along with Dr Ian Mew in 2013. He is a retired police motorcyclist with over 20 years’ experience and remains an advanced police riding instructor and examiner.  

Chris was awarded the Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award in 2011 for reduction in motorcycle fatalities in Dorset and subsequently received the Queens Police Medal in 2017 for his ongoing service to motorcyclists. His wealth of knowledge on why motorcyclists crash and what they can do to avoid being in a collision is astounding and gives the charity the information it needs to make a real difference.  

Chris also acts as liaison to other DocBike areas ensuring the specifications of the DocBikes are adhered to and ensuring their riders are trained appropriately. 

Nick Marsden (Trustee)  

Nick is a retired Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.  

BikerDown courses are one of the key ways that the DocBike engages with those motorcyclists our research  tells us are most likely to be killed or critically injured in the future.  Because BikerDown is a fire service delivered product across the UK, Nick’s ability to liaise with the fire service at high level, including the National Fire Chief’s Council is invaluable. 

Nick has an MSc in Leadership and Management and played a key role in making Dorset one of the top performing fire services in the country. He now uses this experience ensure the charity is streamlined, efficient and well-structured.   

Nick has been a keen motorcyclist for over 25 years, has recently passed his advanced rider assessment with the IAM and is leading the governance of regional DocBikes as the charity expands across the UK. 

Dr Ian Mew (Trustee) 

Ian is a Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine and former Director of Major trauma at Dorset County Hospital. Half of his working hours are also spent as a critical care doctor aboard the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. 

Ian soon realised after attending multiple motorcycle-related fatalities, that to really make a difference & save motorcyclists lives, he needed to get to them before they crashed – and so his passion for motorcycle injury prevention was born. 

Ian sits on the National Motorcycle Working Group, has direct liaison with national agencies such as the police and fire chief councils, Highways England and of course the national BikerDown team.  

He lectures on motorcycle injury prevention around the UK and is a keen supporter of research and evidence base to inform the methods and direction of the charity. 

Geoff Ball (Support to the Trustees Board and Bids Manager) 

Geoff is a retired Dorset Police Officer who gives his time as a volunteer assisting in co-ordination  matters and bidding for funding. He is an independent consultant with GMB Development Services, Head of Training for 3gAssociates Ltd and Director of his own imaging company.  

Geoff has extensive experience in bidding for capital grants, but also provides high level tech support to the Board. 

Geoff, a keen biker himself, having returned to biking later in lifecontinues to develop his skills through the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists.

Shel Smith (Research Lead and on-the-road Volunteer) 

Shel is the PhD Researcher for DocBike,a very keen motorcyclist who started riding at the age of 4 on a Honda z50r and became a motorcycle instructor the day she turned 21. She loves motorcycle touring, ‘track days’, loves learning generally and has multifarious qualifications!  

Shel is highly qualified in Neuropsychology and is keen to explore how aspects of psychology may be applied to motorcycle injury prevention strategies. 

Because research and evidence base form the core of everything that the DocBike charity does, Shel’s appointment is key to our success. In evaluating the effectiveness of injury prevention measures, we can share with others across the UK and the world, what works in keeping bikers on two wheels and what doesn’t. Keep an eye out for her research – it’s going to be outstanding! 

Shel thinks she has hit the jackpot with this research position for DocBike; and she is very keen to receive contact from any riders who may be interested in participating in motorcycle injury prevention research based at Bournemouth University. 

Simon Metcalf (Volunteer Co-ordinator and Motorcycle Representative) 

Simon attended a BikerDown course in Dorset and then got talking to Dr Ian one evening at Poole Bike Night when a shout came over the radio for a motorcyclists who had been critically injured a few miles down the road.  

Simon was left in charge of the DocBike stand and from that moment on, he has been engaging with motorcyclists, not only locally, but travelling to support national events such as the British Superbikes Championship and MotoGP at Silverstone.  

He co-ordinates the volunteers at a local level, but also acts as the voice of the everyday motorcyclist at board meetings. When so many of the Trustees have an emergency service background, it’s important that we have an independent motorcyclist’s view to balance our decision making.