What We Do / Partnership Working

Partnership Working

The DocBike charity is passionate about making a difference. We’re not in this to make ourselves look good, our aim is to eradicate motorcycle related deaths and serious injuries from our roads in the UK.  To do this, we work in collaboration with organisations locally and across the UK, sharing our research and data to maximise the benefits from our work with no other agenda, other than to keep motorcyclists on two wheels and keep families together. 

We Don’t Keep our Findings to Ourselves! 

We are passionate about sharing what we discover through our engagement and research with others around the country and around the world. We work with a large number of government and non-government partners to help make a real difference.  

The DocBike charity also presents its findings at major events around the UK on a regular basis, including to date: 

  • The National Major Trauma Networks conference 
  • The Association of Air Ambulances conference 
  • The National Fire Bikes conference 
  • The National Fire Chief’s Council’s Road Safety Seminar 
  • The National Institute for Health Research Seminar on Research Partnerships 
  • The Road Safety GB conference 
  • The Trauma Care conference 

Research and Evidence Base

The DocBike charity isn’t about riding around on a flashy bike and achieving little. Research and evidence base form the cornerstones of the charity. We use research to: 

  • Identify those motorcyclists who are most likely to be involved in a serious collision in the future 
  • Identify what things are most likely to get a biker killed or seriously injured 
  • Work out what strategies actually work to avoid being in a bike crash 
  • Look at whether the way that we engage with motorcyclists actually reduces their risk of being in a crash in the future. 

Read more about our Research and Evidence Base.

Why does it Matter?

Through partnership working, we can make a real difference. 

If through our research we identify that a large number of motorcyclists are killed by cars waiting to turn right across the path of a motorcyclist, we can work to change this through 

  • Car tests: The DocBike sits on the National Motorcycle Working Group, also attended by the Driver Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA) who set the driving and motorcycle tests. If we find that drivers are unaware that this is the most likely way that they will be involved in a collision with a motorcycle, we can feed this back such that it is a bigger part of the driving test, making drivers more vigilant for bikes in these circumstances.  
  • Inter-Agency Collaboration: Having the right of way is of no benefit to a rider if they die as a result of a collision with a car. Understanding this concept is key to keeping bikers on two wheels. Again, by working with partner agencies, we can highlight this message to motorcycle riders, including it in the bike test and doing everything that we can to offset the likelihood of that rider being involved in a collision that results in their serious injury or death.  
  • In a 2-year pilot study, over 80% of motorcyclists riding bikes >500cc who were killed or critically injured could have avoided being involved in their collision altogether if we equip motorcyclists with the abilities to recognise the warning signs when they’re riding and give them the skills to avoid the crash.  
  • Data & Research: The DocBike has its roots firmly grounded in research and evidence base. We’re not interested in doing something if it has no benefit, regardless of how good we look doing it. Research into why motorcyclists crash and what engagement is effective in reducing motorcycle collisions is scarce, but the DocBike charity is championing research to provide the data which when shared with our partners across the UK, will make a real difference to saving life. Find out more on our Research Page  
  • Innovation: If a modern day car is waiting to turn right with its right hand indicator on and a motorcycle is approaching, a warning within the car alerts the driver that a motorcycle may be overtaking just as they are about to turn right, or that a motorcycle that the driver hasn’t seen is coming towards them. This is just one of the innovative features that are being explored by the DocBike charity to prevent future motorcycle deaths.