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Dr Ian Mew

Dr Ian Mew - the Doctor of DocBikeDr Ian Mew works as an Intensive Care Consultant at Dorset County Hospital as well as flying on-board the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. He has worked as the Director of Trauma Care at the hospital and is currently the Medical Adviser to Dorset Police, through which he and Chris met. Ian is passionate about pre-hospital care and is a keen biker himself. It was natural that he combined both passions and bring his skills to the project, including the delivery of emergency first aid Biker Down sessions during local BikeSafe courses. Wanting to do more, Ian has given up his spare time to bring his skills out on the road. [more]

PC Chris Smith

PC Chris Smith - DocBike founder memberPC Chris Smith has been a Police Officer for over 26 years with nearly 20 years in the Traffic Department as a Police Motorcyclist. Chris is a qualified Police driving and riding instructor, teaching advanced skills to officers locally and heads up the force Motorcycle VIP team having escorted HM the Queen on several occasions. In 2003 he started Dorset BikeSafe and took over the running of Poole Quay Bike Night for the Police with the aim of reducing the number of bikers being killed and injured whilst attending the event. His success in reducing this risk by 90% saw the event becoming the first in the UK to receive the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. [more]

Expanding group of fellow bikers

As the project expands, so Chris & Ian recognise that they can’t do this alone. We’re very fortunate to have an ever expanding group of fellow bikers who help us run the Biker Down courses and help engage with riders at big motorcycle events such as Dream Machines at Poole Bike Night each week. Simon had been on a Biker Down course and was chatting to Ian as he got a call to a very serious motorcycle accident. The next thing Simon knew, he was running the stand and had been adopted into the team! We’re also grateful to Matt, our PR guy and Colin, both of whom are regulars at Biker Down. [more]

The Motorcycle

DocBike - the motorcycleThe DocBike is based on a former Police BMW R1200RTP motorcycle. The bike is owned, managed and maintained by Dorset Police under their BikeSafe scheme and sits with the force BikeSafe Coordinator – PC Chris Smith. A key aim is to reduce biking collisions and rider injuries through partnership working, focusing on high risk groups and routes. The bike is fitted with a radio to allow Dr Ian to communicate with Police and the other emergency services. It is maintained to the highest level to ensure rider safety and the bike has retained its luggage system to allow Dr Ian to carry the kit he needs to save lives. [more]